At the last meeting in Aussois, on October 1, 2014, the Geotechnical Engineering Group of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICA) of the University of Perugia has been admitted as official member to the ALERT Geomaterials Network. The official representative of DICA in the Alert Board of Directors is Prof. Claudio Tamagnini.

The European Network “Alliance of Laboratories in Europe for Research and Technology (ALERT) Geomaterials” has been created in 1989 by Roberto Nova, Manuel Pastor, Ian Smith, Peter Vermeer, Olek Zienkiewicz and Félix Darve as a pioneering effort to develop a European School of Thinking in the field of the Mechanics of Geomaterials. Its main areas of interest are

– micromechanics and constitutive modelling for geomaterials

– engineering,failure, strain localisation and instabilities

– large scale computations for geomaterials and geostructures

– integrity of geostructures and inverse analysis in geomechanics

– environmental geomechanics and durability of geomaterials