Docenti: prof. pr. Luca Valentini, prof. dr. Filippo Ubertini, prof.ssa dr.ssa Antonella D'Alessandro


Programma del corso (5 CFU):

05/06/2023 In Perugia room 15 (from 9 to 13). 

Self-monitoring nanomaterials: principles of functioning. (4 hours) Luca Valentini  

8/06/2022 In Perugia room 15 (From 08:30 to 13:30). 

Self-sensing composites for structural engineering applications. (4hours, 1lab) Antonella D’Alessandro  

09/06/2023 In Perugia room 15 (From 8:30 to 13:30). 

Sensing skins for large area monitoring. Smart pavements for road monitoring and WIM (4hours, 1lab) Filippo Ubertini and Antonella D’Alessandro  

12/06/2023 In Perugia room 15 (From 09 to 13). 

Processing and integration methods of nanomaterials. (4 hours) Luca Valentini  

19/06/2023 In Perugia room 15 (From 09 to 13). 

Nanomaterials for energy harvesting. (4 hours) Luca Valentini  

20/06/2023 In Terni (From 09 to 13). 

Materials for Critical Industrial Applications - Mechanics of vibrations, from design to aerospace applications. This lesson will be hold by Dr. Eng. Antonio Alvino Technical Director of SERMS srl a company of UMBRAGROUP SpA  (3hours) + 2 hours of Laboratory.

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