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Short Bio

Roberto Petrucci: Roberto  Petrucci (Terni, Italy, 1973) obtained the degree in Materials Engineering (2002), discussing the thesis on “Development and Characterisation of UPR based Composites Reinforced with Natural Fibres for Automotive Application”. In 2005 obtained the PhD in Industrial Engineering (2005) discussing the thesis on “Study and optimisation of Liquid moulding techniques for the production of composite materials based on thermosetting matrices”. He is presently a post-doc researcher at the University of Perugia, where is responsible of Materials Processing Lab and involved in the development, characterization and processing of polymers and polymer matrix composites and nanocomposites, including also the application of LCA of products and processes. He is in charge for the contacts of the research group with transformer  industries. Since 2003 he is charter member and materials processing manager of the spin-off MDP S.r.l.. He has been engaged in several ECNP European projects.

Temi di ricerca

  1. Lavorazione materiali polimerici e compositi.
  2. Life Cycle Analysis and Engineering (LCA/LCE) di prodotti, processi e sistemi

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List of publications

  1. Rodríguez, R. Petrucci, D. Puglia, J. M. Kenny, A. Vázquez. Characterization of composites based on natural and glass fibre obtained by vacuum infusion.-In: - Journal of Composite Materials (2005), 39, 265-281.
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Book chapters

  1. M. Monti, M. Natali, R. Petrucci, D. Puglia, A. Terenzi, L. Valentini, J.M. Kenny. Advanced fiber reinforced composites based on nanocomposite matrices - In: -. Encyclopedia of Composites. New York: Wiley, doi: 10.1002/9781118097298.weoc025

Conference proceeding

  1. D. Puglia, R. Petrucci, J. M. Kenny, G. Cantero, Iñaki Mondragon. Influence of the Fibre/Matrix Chemical Compatibilisation Treatment on the Falx Fiber Thermal and Mechanical Properties. – In - VI AIMAT Congress: Modena, 8-11 Sept. 2002 (Poster).
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  3. R. Petrucci, L. Torre, S. Laurenzi. Process Parameters Optimisation for the production, by mean of the RTM Technology, of Composite Materials for the Aeronautic Field. – In: - AIM XVIII National Conference on Macromolecole Science and Technology - Catania, 16-20 Settembre 2007
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