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Antonella D'Alessandro is Assistant Professor of Construction Science at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of University of Perugia where she currently teaches Laboratory of Structural Analysis and Design and is teaching assistant of the course of Structural Design, Complements of Building Technology and Bridges. She graduated cum laude in Civil Engineering at University of Perugia in 2002. After her master degree she worked as a structural engineer. Since 2005 she has been a researcher fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Perugia. She received her PhD in Civil Engineering from University of Perugia in 2012. Her research topics are: Self-sensing cement-based nanocomposites, Innovative materials for constructions, Structural Health Monitoring, Fire engineering, Recycled concrete. She is author of more than 40 papers among national, international journals and conferences. She is reviewer for international journals among which: Cement and Concrete Composites, Materials, Materials and Design, Mathematical Problems in Engineering.

She won in 2003 the Master Degree Prize from Spoleto Crediti e Servizi. She won in 2014 the ACI Italy Chapter - Federbeton Award "Innovation in Concrete Structures and Cementitious Materials" with her Ph.D. Thesis "The use of nanotechnology to realize cementitious materials sensitive to the state of strain". She was one of the winners of the National Competition "Brain 2014" organized by Mensa Italy. In 2015 she won the "Mensa Foundation Copper Black International Award for Creative Achievement".


  1. Self-sensing cement-based nanocomposites Sensori cementizi nanomodificati
  2. Recycled concretes Calcestruzzi con aggregati riciclati
  3. Fire Resistance of concrete structures Resistenza al fuoco di elementi in c.a. e c.a.p.
  4. Structural Health Monitoring Monitoraggio continuo dell'integrità strutturale



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Iowa State University - Iowa State, Italy researchers collaborate on structural health monitoring  

Winner of ACI Italy Chapter Award 2014 for Innovation in Concrete Structures and Cementitious Materials

Mensa Foundation Honors Dr. Antonella D’Alessandro for Safety Innovation


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