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Francesca LUZI


Short Bio

Francesca Luzi, graduated in 2012 in Materials Engineering (110/110) at University of Perugia. In 2012 she attended the Steel master at ICSIM Franco Momigliano. She started her PhD in 2012 with title “Civil Engineering and Innovative Materials”. Her research topics concern the development, production and characterization of biodegradable nanocomposite materials.
During the PhD period she acquired the skills and competences for the development and characterization of composites and nanocomposites based on biodegradable polymeric matrices; she is principally skilled on the characterization of composites in terms of: mechanical properties, thermogravimetry (TG), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermo- and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMTA), UV-Vis analysis.

Temi di ricerca

  1. Materiali “green” e ri-valorizzazione di scarti agro-alimentari e forestali
  2. Biomateriali e ingegneria tissutale

List of publications

  1. Binary PVA bio-nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals extracted from different natural sources: Part I.E. Fortunati, D. Puglia, F. Luzi, C. Santulli, J. M. Kenny, L. Torre. Carbohydrate Polymers 2013, 97, 825-836.
  2. Ternary PVA nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals from different sources and silver particles: Part II. E. Fortunati, F. Luzi, D. Puglia, A. Terenzi, M.Vercellino, L. Visai, C. Santulli, L. Torre, J. M. Kenny. Carbohydrate Polymers 2013, 97, 837-848.
  3. Optimized extraction of cellulose nanocrystals from pristine and carded hemp fibres. F. Luzi, E. Fortunati, D. Puglia, M. Lavorgna, C. Santulli, J. M. Kenny, L. Torre. Industrial Crops & Products, 56, (2014) 175–186.
  4. Investigation of thermo-mechanical, chemical and degradative properties of PLA-limonene films reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals extracted from Phormium tenax leaves. E. Fortunati, F. Luzi, D. Puglia, F. Dominici, C. Santulli, J.M. Kenny, L. Torre. European Polymer Journal, 2014, 56, 77-91.
  5. Revalorization of Posidonia Oceanica as reinforcements in polyethylene/maleic anhydride grafted polyethylene composites. D. Puglia, R. Petrucci, E. Fortunati, F. Luzi, J.M. Kenny, L. Torre. Journal of Renewable Materials, 2104, 2, 66-76.