16th Int. Conf. on Water Distribution System Analysis

WDSA2014The WDSA 2014 conference (Bari, 14-17 July 2014) - organized by DICAR (Technical University of Bari), DICA (University of Perugia), and Centre for Water Systems (University of Exeter) - has received 280 abstracts and 218 full papers submissions. The Authors come from 42 countries proving the world-wide increasing interest to the urban hydraulic infrastructure management. The papers are divided in 19 sections covering different topics such as: sustainable resilient water infrastructures; intelligent use of energy in water distribution systems; phasing the development of water distribution networks; water distribution network modelling; urban hydraulic and system integration; water quality; network segmentation and smart management; modelling "flows" in water infrastructure asset management; smart water and ICT; pressure and leakage; real-time management of smart water systems using big data; water demand modelling and forecasting; water distribution systems modelling for security enhancements; aquifers as subsurface reservoirs for drought management; rainwater harvesting and water reuse; transients in pipe systems; water distribution network model calibration; leakage analysis and management and water resources management.

The proceedings, representing concerted efforts of the authors, the advisory committee and the local organization committee, provide an overview of the current state-of-the-art in water distribution systems analysis.
For further information: www.water-system.org/wdsa2014